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Introduction to "Mutual Fund Investing"

By David Luhman on Sat, 05/09/2009 - 23:53

Introduction to "Mutual Fund Investing"

Hello, and welcome to "Mutual Fund Investing for Everyone", by David Luhman.

David, after graduating with special honors in aerospace engineering and journalism from the University of Colorado in Boulder, went to Japan where he spent five years working at an American maker of mini-super computers, and a Japanese securities company.

Upon leaving Japan he returned to the University of Colorado where he earned an MBA in Finance. After becoming an Enrolled Agent able to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, David started, a service dedicated to providing quality audio-based business and financial information for everyone.

In this tape, David gives you information about how to make money with funds, insight into mutual fund taxation, and advice on diversifying your portfolio. And now, here's David Luhman.

The need for mutual funds

Hi I'm David Luhman and welcome to "Mutual Fund Investing for Everyone". In this tape I'd like to introduce you the world of mutual funds.

Over the past few years mutual funds have enjoyed tremendous growth. They've been growing because they fill a need. In today's volatile world individuals need help to plan and manage their retirement and other money. And people find help for this task from the over 6,000 mutual funds available today.

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